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IDTECHNOLOGY gives Investors to choose shares of the Company that are loyal in dividing dividends so that you can be safe in earning income regularly. From this routine income division is a very clear and transparent stock selection strategy. The higher the yield divide, the more attractive it will be for you.

Growth Investing

This investment will focus on the company’s growth and care about the company’s core focus. What is considered includes management plans, medium and long term growth, management behavior and so on. Companies that have high growth potential will increasingly dance because investors will usually see the parameters of a promising market niche of companies where products, services and image are superior.

Finance Report

IDTEKNOLOGI gives Financial reporting is the disclosure of financial results and related information to management and external stakeholders (e.g., investors, customers, regulators) about how a company is performing over a specific period of time.

PROJECT Investing

IDTEKNOLOGI provides opportunities for cooperation in sharing the results in implementing a project in the form of long-term and short-term. With a transparent system and audited by a valid auditor.

We’re in the business of building long-lasting, equitable relationships with our partners ensuring that you have a credible say in the way our company

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