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One part of automation in transport is self-driving cars. A self-driving car is able to sense the environment and navigate without human input. Due to robotic control, it can reduce the risk of accidents, avoid traffic jams, and require less driving and parking space. Self-driving cars could replace taxis and public transportation in the future.

User and Device Digital Identity and Authentication

connected objects will be streamlining, simplifying and enriching nearly every aspect of our lives. This connectivity will also create a wide range of services that rely on a trusted digital identity to biometrics.

Mobile User Onboarding and Authentication

increasingly digitized global society, accurately identifying individuals has become essential in the fight against ID fraud and criminal activity.

Passenger Service

Airline passenger services (APS) that enable airlines to bring new revenue streams to market, provide individualized experiences to customers, and drive efficiencies and cost reductions. Our solutions provide mission-critical applications to sell ancillary products and services, manage the customer travel lifecycle, handle passengers in the airport, personalize retailing and customer experience, and recognize revenue based on customer service delivered.

  • Airline Passenger Services: Optimize product retailing, customer lifecycle management, airport passenger handling, and personalized interactions — without distribution or data restrictions.
  • Irregular Operations: Solve travel disruptions in seconds and keep your customers loyal to your brand.
  • Airline Mobility: Make mobility a business enabler. Amplify your operations, optimize business goals and enhance the travel experience.
  • Passenger Analytics:Unlock data’s value to better acquire, develop and retain high-value customers while driving operational efficiency.
  • Fares: Accelerate airline fare pricing with immediate, flexible, accurate pricing of itineraries based on industry standards.
  • Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMD): Increase ancillary revenue through additional channels, including add-on products and services.
  • NDC: Control your offerings and enable sales channels by implementing IATA’s New Distribution Capability.
  • Airlines Operations Portal: Enable ramp and airport operations personnel to resolve operational issues in real time to reduce delays and improve the passenger experience.
  • Airline Baggage Calculator: Automate baggage rules and fees.
  • Ticket Reissue / Refund: Reissue or refund tickets quickly and accurately with recalculated prices, ensuring all charges, fees and taxes due to your airline are still collected.
  • Airline Reservation Agent Desktop: Become more efficient and customer-focused in airline sales.

Departure Control Services

Fully integrated multi-host system for automated check-in, boarding and load planning

DCS supports all functionalities for the world’s major alliances with tier levels and priority passenger handling.


  • Complies with all standard IATA messages
  • Handles all customs and immigration requirements, including Secure Flight, PNRGOV, APIS and APP
  • Accepts passenger name lists (PNL) from any reservations system
  • Interface with all varieties of e-ticketing databases
  • Offers interline-through-check-in (ITCI)
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