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Air transport is a component of many international logistics networks, managing and controlling the flow of goods, energy, information and other resources like products, services, and people, from the source of production to the marketplace. Logistics involves the geographical repositioning of raw materials, work in process, and finished inventories


Cargo Inventory & Sales IATA Compliance


Network Level Profitability

Evaluate the network value/profitability of a given schedule

Schedules with Cargo Focus

Schedules that include and represent the cargo products, market, demand, and revenue.

Consistent Sales Targets

Consistency and accuracy in setting sales targets and budgets across the network and across sales executives

Track Target Achievement Progress

Track, alert and guide sales teams across the network on the cargo targets

Insightful Dashboards

Dasboard on revenue per available tonne kilometers, customer, airline and sales performance in terms of revenue, tonnage, and yield

Enhanced Productivity

Enhanced productivity and faster turn around time to react to passenger schedule changes facilitating what-if analyses.


Cargo Inventory & Sales

IdTeknologi Foresight is a comprehensive revenue planning solution that considers schedules, capacity, demand, routes, equipment characteristics and shipment characteristics to set annual revenue targets for the air cargo organization along with sales targets and tracking for the sales team at flight, origin-destination and market level. With AcceleRate is a comprehensive decision support system that considers competition, customer value, price elasticity, and costs to recommend general tariff rates, contract rates and spot rates for the pricing analysts, cargo sales and GSAs to negotiate with forwarders and produce rate sheets to help in the rating and booking process


cargo terminal operation (iata compliance)

  • ULD Stock Management

    Maintains ULD characteristics and keeps track of ULD stocks of various carriers operating into the airport in real time.

  • ULD Transaction Management

    Maintains agreements between various parties and provides the flexibility to create and calculate both charges and transactions where applicable.

  • ULD Maintenance

    Captures and tracks the maintenance requirements of ULDs and generates invoices for repairs carried out.

  • ULD Tracking

    Keeps track of the movements of a ULD across various airports/locations within an airport and updates stock levels at airport in real time.

  • ULD Messaging

    Generates, processes and reconciles ULD messages such as UCM OUT and UCM IN messages, SCMs, LUCs and MUCs.


Cargo Terminal Operations

Comprehensive ULD (Unit Load Device) management solution provides air cargo terminal operators and handling agents with asset management and tracking capabilities for ULDs including containers and pallets. IDteknologi ULD also provides advanced capabilities for management of stock and transactions, while also keeping track of maintenance requirements.


cra / cargo revenue accounting (iata compliance)


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